Coder vs. Themer Ultimate Grudge Match Smackdown Fight to the Death

I’m really excited about a new session that I’ve been doing with my friend and colleague, Adam Juran aka scaragucc: the Coder vs Themer Ultimate Grudge Match Smackdown Fight to the Death! The basic premise: we both start with the same wireframe of a front page to build. But I’m only allowed to use the module layer, and Adam is only allowed to use the theme layer. It’s a really fun and entertaining way to play with the blurry lines between “coder” and “themer”. We get the audience pretty pumped up, which is impressive for a session that’s basically about watching other people code!

If you didn’t catch it at Drupal Dev Days in Szeged, or at Drupalcamp Frankfurt, you’re probably going to have to wait for Drupalcon Amsterdam to take part! But I do have a video of the session at Frankfurt, just to whet your appetite. :)

You can consider this a challenge: if any other themers out there want to challenge me to a coder vs themer style battle, I’ll be keynoting at Drupalcamp Helsinki in a few weeks. I’ll meet you there!

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