Net Neutrality and Steve Wozniak

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I know no one reads this blog but me, but I may as well put this up here.  Net Neutrality: I'm for it.

Steve Wozniak has an excellent Open Letter up on the Atlantic about the issue.  He takes the examples of public goods such as roadworks and compares them favorably to privately managed utilities like Cable TV and Internet.

Personally, I think his letter is a much more effective critique of the FCC than it is a championing of the public works model of construction.  After all, it's the FCC that regulates the cable and telephone industries so ineffectively.  And the very road system he proclaims as being so effective was a famous example of political favor outweighing practicality when the road system was devised in the 19th Century.

In this case though, I think we have a free and open marketplace of ideas by explicit design in the Internet.  It is trivially simple to create rules to preserve this. We should.
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